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Uygar Özel - Independent Artist and Photographer. Bachelor of Fine Arts. Based in Izmir, Turkey. Member of IAA-AIAP UnescoGerrit Rietveld Academy of Visual Arts. Hogeschool voor Beeldende Kunst Audio-Visueel Amsterdam, Netherlands 2004-2006​. D.E.U. Faculty of Fine Arts D.E.U Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi Fashion Accessories Design Izmir, Turkey 2004 (dipl.)​. Izmir Anatolian High School of Fine Arts Anadolu Güzel Sanatlar Lisesi Painting Izmir, Turkey 1995​ (dipl.)​ • Exhibitions & Publishings & Milestones. 2001 - Solo photography exhibition, Center of French Culture, Izmir, Turkey. 2001 - Lost Anatolian Leopard. Atlas magazine. Photographer. Istanbul, Turkey. 2001 - Gediz Deltası. Atlas geography magazine. Photographer. Istanbul, Turkey. 2004 - Visual collection of international Polaroid artists. U.S.A. 2004 - 'Secret Face' Group art exhibition, Izmir, Turkey. 2005 - Vilem Flusser's 'Towards a Philosophy of Photography'; Cover. Istanbul, Turkey. 2009 - 'Spontaneously, One in a Million' Project, Center of French Culture. Izmir, Turkey. 2009-2013 - Advertising photographs for Vodafone Turkey. Istanbul. 2013 - Participation Festival Voies Off, photography festival, Arles, France. 2013 - Private photographer of President of Mexico and Tourism Minister. Izmir, Turkey. 2014 - Book cover image of author Marc de Bel's book named 'Yoro'. Belgium. 2015 - BBC Turkish's documentary about Poet Ilhan Berk. Portrait photo. Istanbul, Turkey. 2016 - Football from the world. Author Pelle Mortensen's book. Denmark. 2016 - Solo photography exhibition. 'Nassara Bonjour'. Izmir, Turkey. 2017 - Solo photography exhibition. 'From Burkina Faso to Japan'. Izmir, Turkey. 2017 - National Geographic Traveller India, Nov. Croatian woman's portrait. 2018 - National Geographic Traveller India, July. Japanese woman's portrait.  2018 - Solo photography exhibition. ' Everywhere & Everything '. Izmir, Turkey. 2017-2019 - Bornova Kent Magazine. Photographer. Izmir, Turkey. 2021 - The Guardian, ''Best Photographs of The Week in Wildlife'', 20 Aug. 2021 - The Guardian, ''Best Photographs of The Day'', 14 Sept. 2021 - The Guardian, ''The Weekend's best photographs'', 19 Sept. 2021 - The Times, ''News in Pictures'', 21 Sept. 2021 - Liberation / International / Moyen-Orient, 21 octobre (Photo). 2022 - Jury member of Istanbul Street Photo Festival.

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